Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Recipe Recap - Sea Salted Smoked Almond Bark

This Christmas season I had the opportunity to get together with a few friends that I hadn't seen in quite a while.  This treat was was on the table and I kept going back for more.  I knew that I had to recreate it.  The combination of sweet, smoky and salty is wonderful.  It's incredibly easy to make.

Sea Salted Smoked Almond Bark  Adapted from Elles New England Kitchen

8 oz semi sweet chocolate
8 oz milk chocolate (you can by all means use all semi sweet chocolate if that is your preference)
1 1/2 cups smoked almonds - coarsely chopped (I used more)
1 tsp flaky sea salt (I used more)

Line 9 x 13 pan with wax paper.  Melt chocolates in double boiler or microwave.  If using the microwave, microwave on 50% power for one minute at a time until melted.  Stir in 1 cup of the almonds.  Pour into prepared pan.  Sprinkle with remaining almonds.  Tap the pan several times to spread the chocolate and settle the nuts.  Sprinkle liberally with sea salt.  Chill for one hour or until firm.  Break into pieces.

* I added Craisins to some of mine and it was a hit!

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